Sending money to pay a builder overseas

Sending money to pay a builder overseas

Sara Wainwright is a savvy property owner who recently decided to renovate her holiday home in Portugal. She needed to send money to her builder overseas to help pay for the renovations. To find the best deal, she compared money transfer services.

Sara knew that some money transfer services had high fees and bad exchange rates, so she was determined to find a cheaper way to send money. She spent several days researching different providers, comparing exchange rates, and reading customer reviews so she could make an informed choice.

After using a money transfer comparison tool like, and through careful consideration, Sara chose a money transfer provider that offered a competitive exchange rate and low fees. She was able to send the money to her builder quickly and easily, and the renovations on her holiday home were completed on time and within budget.

Sara was impressed with the level of customer support offered by the provider and was grateful for the peace of mind that came with knowing that her money was secure and would reach its destination without any issues.

Sara's story shows how important it is to compare money transfer services before making a choice. She was able to save money on her money transfer and avoid hidden fees because she took the time to look into different options.

If you want to send money abroad, it's important to compare money transfer services to make sure you're getting the best deal. If you take the time to research your options, you can save money and avoid hidden fees, whether you're paying for repairs on a vacation home or starting a business.

Make an informed decision and choose the money transfer
provider that best meets your needs.