Sending Money Online – What are the benefits?

If you need to transfer currency abroad, you should always consider an online money transfer service.

Over the past few years, the online payment industry has become more competitive resulting in lower fees and better foreign exchange rates for customers. Regulators are concerned that consumers aren’t always informed of all of the facts when transferring money abroad. Whilst things have got better, it’s still not always clear as to how much you’re being charged and how much of your money transfer will make it to the intended recipient. ‘No fees’ doesn’t mean you’re not being charged!

Mooney helps you find the lowest money transfer rates, when sending money online.

Money transfer providers will almost always be cheaper and faster than sending money through your bank account.

Why use Xompare?

Xompare shows all of the costs involved in sending money online and calculates the total amount that the beneficiary will receive, all in real time using money transfer providers’ live rates and transfer fees, making it easier for you to see which really are the lowest money transfer rates.

The best money transfer providers will ensure your transaction is easy to set up and hassle free. When you select a provider from Xompare’s comparison table you’ll be taken straight to the registration page. You will need to complete a registration form to activate your account on the partner site. Once set up, you can add funds from your bank account or by using a credit or debit card. Now that your account is funded you can go ahead and send money online using your new international transfer account.

Laptop and globe, send money online using the lowest money transfer rates.

How to send money online with Xompare

  1. Use the purple compare bar on any page to search for the best money transfer rates and fees
  2. Select the best money transfer provider for you
  3. Register with your chosen provider to get your online money transfer account set up

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If you want to send money online, it’s never been easier or cheaper. Just make sure you compare before you hit send!

Check out the real time rate checker to make sure you always get the lowest money transfer rates available.

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Compare real time foreign exchange rates with Xompare’s live provider data.All our rates are Live

Unlike other money transfer comparison sites, we only show the very latest rates from our providers. Meaning you can make an instant decision on what’s best for your transfer.