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Payment Requirement

£2,000 is to be converted into Euros and sent abroad

Provider A, always compare money transfer providers before sending money abroad.

Provider A

  • Payment Fees = £20
  • FX Rate = 1.1200
  • Euros received (less fees) = €2,217.60
  • Amount is not protected from further fee deductions

Provider B, cheap money transfer provider, with the best money transfer rates.

Provider B

  • Payment Fees = £0
  • FX Rate = 1.1150
  • Euros received = €2,230
  • Amount is fully protected from further fee deductions

In this illustration Provider A has a more favourable FX rate than provider B, but when fees are deducted before converting into foreign currency, the amount of Euros received is actually less. Additionally, Provider B is able to protect the payment from further fee deductions once it has been sent, meaning they are the better option.

Before making any international payment, it always makes sense to run a comparison through Xompare!

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