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Why compare money transfer providers through Xompare?

Why do you need to use a comparison service? It’s simple, higher fees means a worse deal, you can work that out yourself. Well, this isn’t necessarily the case. Xompare uses real time data feeds to consider all aspects of your payment service providers offering to make sure you are receiving the best deal. 

Payment Requirement

£2,000 is to be converted into US Dollars and sent abroad.

Provider A, best deal on currency transfer. Provider A

  • Payment Fee = 30
  • FX Rate = 1.3054
  • US Dollars received (less fees) = $2,571.64
  • Amount is not protected from further fee deductions

Provider B, hidden fees and charges for transferring money online.Provider B

  • Payment Fee = £0
  • FX Rate = 1.2932
  • US Dollars received (less fees) = $2,586.40
  • Amount is protected from further fee deductions

In this example, while Provider A has a better exchange rate than Provider B, their transfer fee negates the rate entirely, putting Provider B ahead in the value race. It is also important to note whether or not your currency transfer is protected from further transfer fees from other banks involved in the processing of the payment (such as the beneficiary bank) which is also the case for Provider B. 

Use Xompare to save yourself money, time and hassle when comparing money transfer providers.

Enter transfer requirements before comparing the best money transfer providers.

Step 1 - Enter your payment requirements into our quotation tool.

All you need is the amount of money you are exchanging, what currency it is in, and the currency it is being exchanged to. Hit compare and “Mooney”, our cash cow, will then undertake his real-time search, and comparison of our partner payment service providers to find their best live quotations for your cash transfer.

Unlike other money transfer comparison sites, we only show the very latest foreign exchange rates from our providers. Meaning you can make an instant decision on which money transfer company best suits your requirements.

Compare foreign exchange rates before choosing a payment service provider.

Step 2 - Review the best money transfer providers.

Mooney will have compiled a list of providers that meet your transfer requirements. Mooney will also display his cow bell next to those providers which offer the best terms. You'll find this next to the most favourable foreign exchange rate, fastest transfer speed or payment system, and other preferred payment service providers.

We clearly shows the differences between each of the providers listed, and any additional transfer fees or deduction, so you can easily see which payment service provider is your best fit, and why.  

After comparing exchange rates, pick the best money transfer provider after.

Step 3 - Pick your payment service provider.

Mooney has compared the foreign exchange rates for you and clearly displayed their merits. Now you have the facts and are “udderly” in the know, it's time to click the go to provider button. This will refer you directly to their website where you can complete your bank transfer!

Xompare – we find the best money transfer providers, so you don’t have to.

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Unlike other money transfer comparison sites, we only show the very latest rates from our providers. Meaning you can make an instant decision on what’s best for your transfer.