4 steps to find the cheapest money transfer to Ukraine

4 steps to find the cheapest money transfer to Ukraine

  1. Check the hryvnia exchange rate. Currency values can fluctuate so it’s a good idea to check the UAH fx rate against the currency you need to send/from.​
  2. Use Xompare.com to compare fx providers. Find the cheapest rates available. In the search results check out the fees, rates, speed of transfer and wether or not you are protected from further fees. Highly rated money transfer providers include Currency SolutionsWise, RationalFXGlobalReach
  3. Select the best money transfer provider for sending money to Ukraine based on your needs. For many, it’s all about getting the cheapest money transfer available, for others it’s about speed of transaction.
  4. Sign up with your chosen money transfer provider. You’ll need to provide ID and proof of address. Most providers have very quick online verification processes allowing you to activate your account and transact in no time at all.

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